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Notes on this database: Although landlords are required to register rent regulated units every year, since 1993 there has been little incentive to do so as there is essentially no penalty for failure to register. Beyond that, it's a determined policy of DHCR to allow owners to escape any registration requirement. Estimates are that 25% to 50% of regulated units are being allowed to escape the system. This database is from 1994 and many of the units in the buildings from this database are no longer being registered. However, regulated status is a matter of law and not whether or not it appears in this database. So use this database as a guide and not as a legal determination, which is made by DHCR and subject to court challenge. In general, if the building was built prior to 1974, if it contains six or more units and is not a coop, then there's a good chance the unit should be regulated. Again, these are not all inclusive guidelines, but rules of thumb.
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