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Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)


Mail-in applicants (Rev.10/96)

Important Notice About Energy Costs
(Only for Persons Who Pay Directly for Home Heating)

If you pay for heat separately, a part of your benefit is based on the yearly amount that you spend on energy costs. In calculating your energy costs, we will use a standard amount from the chart below. To find the amount we are using, find the column with your main heating type and move down the chart until you reach the amount under your household size.

Annual Statewide Energy Cost Standard
Primary Fuel Type
Oil, Kerosene,
Natural Gas, Coal,
Wood, Municipal
Electric Heat
PSC Regulated and
Vill. of Greenpoint
Electric Heat
1 $1,225 $997 $1,981
2 1,398 1,170 2,154
3 1,560 1,332 2,316
4 1,784 1,640 2,576
5 2,024 1,868 2,852
6 2,246 2,090 3,134
7 2,468 2,300 3,416
8+ 2,690 2,510 3,689

If your annual energy costs are higher than the standard amount, you may choose to document your energy costs for the last twelve(l2) months and we will use your actual energy costs instead of the standard amount.

If you choose to document your annual energy costs, you must include your documentation with this application. If you do not include documentation, we will use the standard amount.

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