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TenantNet is an informal network of tenants and tenant leaders who, for the most part, are actively involved in tenant associations and/or community groups. Various participants of TenantNet are also volunteer members of the Tenant Advisory Committee (TAC) to the NYS Division of Housing (DHCR).

Disclaimer and Copyright

The information contained on TenantNet may be used in defense of tenants' rights in proceedings before government agencies, in court or otherwise. The reader is cautioned to read the following:

TenantNet is not an apartment referral service or brokerage. The internet already has several such services which may (or may not) provide valuable services. Buyer beware.

Other than advertising, TenantNet has no connection, in any way, with any person or company in the real estate industry that owns or operates residential housing accommodations or property.

TenantNet is not affiliated with any political party and promotes no particular political ideology.

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For information relating to the TenantNet Forum, go here. While the posts contained on the Forum are those of the poster and as such TenantNet assumes no liability for any information and/or opinion contained in such posts, TenantNet retains ownership and copyright of any and all such content.

In some instances public domain or third-party material may have been developed for the electronic media by TenantNet. In such instances, the text, graphics, formatting and other elements of the original work remain the property of the originator. To the extent that TenantNet may have converted or enhanced such material to its electronic form, then those enhancement(s) and any such additional work are copyright 1994-2012 by TenantNet, all rights reserved. Permission must be requested (and generally will be granted) to reproduce such material in either electronic and/or written form if reproduced in full, without change, and including all informational banners and/or additions to original documents and if credit is given to the originator and TenantNet (including TenantNet's web and email addresses. If in doubt, please contact TenantNet using our contact form at http://www.tenant.net/contact/contact.html

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